Ball Road – Unity Source Code


Ball Road is a unique game template that anyone can enjoy! Different ball lines are spawned in front of player. You have to drag the two balls to avoid touching the ball line and reach the finish line.

How to play?

On mobile: Drag on the screen to move the balls left/right.
On desktop//web:  Drag with mouse to move the balls left/right.
Don’t touch the obstacles.


Background Music by Eric Matyas:
Sound Effects:, 

Demo apk.



Fast paced and challenging gameplay
Amazing visual effects: particles, animations, color themes
Sound effect and background music included
Increasing gameplay difficulty: game stages
Optimised for mobile and tablet devices
Well commented and clean code
Easy customisation
Basic Menu with responsive UI
Works on all platforms:PC, MacOS, iOS, Android, WebGL


Unity 2017.4.35f1 or higher.


The game is very easy to reskin and setup.
Documentation in included in the project.