Cookie – Restaurant POS System


With this system you can manage and manage the profits of your company, besides saving time in customer service, has a responsive design which will allow you to operate the system from any mobile device, cookie allows you to easily process sales, due to its ease of use and advanced tools cookie is the ideal system for restaurants or food services.

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Thanks to all great people who are developing open source software.

  • CodeIgniter – PHP-Framework under MIT License
  • Bootstrap – Most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework under MIT License
  • Bootstrap – Most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework under MIT License
  • jQuery – A fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library under MIT License
  • Font Awesome – The iconic font and CSS toolkit under GPL License.
  • DataTables – A plug-in for the jQuery under two licenses: GPL v2 license or a BSD (3-point) License
  • Moment.js – Moment.js is freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license.
  • Bootstrap-datetimepicker – Date and Time picker widget based on bootstrap under Apache License V2


  • PHP 5.3
  • Mysql extension
  • PDO extension
  • Extension Mysqli
  • Extension Mcrypt


Installation Instruction

Requirements: Apache 2.2+, Mysql 5.4+, PHP 5.4+

  1. Copy/Upload the folder and files to your web server using cPanel or FTP
  2. If you are installing in sub folder, please make sure there is no space in folder names
  3. Open the <a href=""></a>
  4. Step 1: Pre-install system checklist – If there is any issue with checklist, you will need to fix it first to proceed to next step.
  5. Step 2: Provide the database host, database user, database password and database name to proceed to next step. Please make sure you don't have $ sign in your password.
  6. Step 4: Site Config: Please Fill in you COOKIE POS Base URL and select your timezone. You must check the site url as installer might guess it wrong
    • Base URL for public_html or www/htdocs folder will be <a href=""></a> or http://localhost/
    • Base URL for sub-domain will be <a href=""></a>
    • Base URL for sub-folder will be <a href=""></a> or http://localhost/subfolder/
    • Base URL must not have space and it should end with a trailing slash
  7. If everything goes smooth, you will be redirect to final page with login details.
  8. Remove the install folder before start using the COOKIE POS.
  9. Login using default username and password.

Request Installation

We will provide the service to install
the item for $20 To request the installation, please send $20 to
[email protected] by Paypal and email us your license file and hosting
control panel details with reference of your payment to
[email protected]