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Product NameGrid – Unity Game Source Code
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Product CategoryPuzzle
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Observe the small 3X3 grid and repeat the same pattern in the main grid. Sounds easy? Give it a shot.

Every time you make the correct pattern, the game becomes difficult.
The game starts easy when you have only two or three changes to make.
Required changes start to increase as you progress through the game. And
the real fun begins when the small grid which you observe starts to

-Procedural level difficulty.

-3 different game modes.

*Time Mode: try to score as much as you can before the time runs out.

*Death Mode: One wrong selection and the Game is Over.

*Mirror Mode: Don’t follow the pattern in the grid, but mirror it. Imagine there is a mirror between small grid and main grid.

-Fun and Addictive game play.


-Launch ready.

-Develop for ios, android, web and much more…

-Provide your Ad IDs and you’re good to go.

AdMob integration:

-Configured to show a banner AD when paused.

-Shows banner AD upon death.

-Shows Interstitial AD every fifth death.

UnityAds Reward video:

-Configured to ask player to watch a video in exchange to get a chance to continue current game.

-Added a few sound FX.

-Includes all the instructions and complete code guide to help you understand the code.


Unity 5.0 or above

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