Alstrapp – App Builder script










  • PHP 7.1 and more
  • PHP CURL Extention
  • MySQL 5+, MySQLi
  • mod_rewrite enabled for your server


  • Connect to your web server using any FTP program (ie. FileZilla) or the webinterface of your webhost and upload all files and folders which are inside the “Alstrapp script” folder from the .zip file you have downloaded from site Alstrapp or Codester.
  • Make sure the folders have permissions 755: Uploads (and all internal directories), Templates, Projects.
  • Create new MySQL database in Control panel your server. Next you will need to execute the SQL file that came with the product download. Import a file from the purchase folder – SQL damp / install.sql
  • Before you can use your product, you will need to edit the config files. First locate the config file in: application/config/config.php and open it up using a text editor such as notepad. The only line you should need to edit is the.
  • The second file you will need to edit is your database file. Find the file: application/config/database.php and open it up using a text editor like Notepad. You will need to edit the lines listed below with your own database login information. For the most part, host stays the same as localhost unless your web host specifies to you otherwise. You will need your database name, database username and database password.
  • Open your site. If you did everything right, you will see the login page. Use for first authorization: Email: [email protected] Password: 12345678