Hernyo Blog PHP Script


Hernyo Blog is a simple blogging software that has everything you need for a blog and you can run on any domain. 


  • No login. Just use your password each time you edit a page.
  • Stores all data in one text file. No database!
  • Easy to write, edit, and delete posts. Easy to change CSS, footer, header, etc.
  • Just a few hundred lines of code. Easy to extend and modify.
  • Simple, clean layout. Easy to change CSS.
  • Easily change the layout or add analytics, etc.
  • Easy 1 file install.
  • No clutter! No comments, etc., (but you can add them easily using disqus or intense debate)
  • Easy to add real time stats.


  • PHP 5.6 +
  • No database


  • Upload script
  • One step install