Cans Knockdown 2D – Unity Game


Perfect for creating a game like Cans Knockout, Cans Knockdown and Ball
Shooter type game with just one finger tap for mobile to throw/shoot the
balls and try to hit and drop the cans onto the floor to win the level
and advance to next level with each level getting more challenging with
platforms, rigidbody elements and enemies!

This KIT have everything you need to create a can knockdown where you
need to hit the cans by throwing/shooting balls. Everything is
customizable from the balls, enemies to the rigidbody elements. Flexible
and customizable.

This project also includes over 45+ prefabs and over 300+ sprites which
you can use such as elements, enemies, balls, backgrounds, debris, cans,
misc, score and more.

If you are looking to create a Can Knockdown, Can Shooter or
anything similar, then this is the ultimate KIT for you which includes
all ready to use prefabs to start your own game easy so you can just
build and go and you can also change it with your own needs. It is also
mobile friendly and specifically made for smartphones.

Detailed full documentation is included which covers everything on how
to create your own game, along with many other things with also 11
example scenes included (including the menu).


– No programming skills required to start.

– Ready for release and 100% mega easy to reskin.

– One touch addictive gameplay where you have to throw and shoot the
balls and try to hit the cans and drop them on the floor to advance new

– Simple and advance mode where you have limited 3 (or more of your
choice, which can be customized) balls to try and hit the cans and if
you hit them all the game is won, and if you don’t after 3 tries the
game is lost.

– 6+ different customizable player balls to use with customizable drag distance, release time and sounds.

– 5+ different cans to use with customizable ball hit sound and drop sounds.

– Endless level-based game that will keep you engaged for hours.

– Over 100+ elements and platforms to use. All can be used as blocker to
block or can be used as movable rigidbodys such as boxes, glass,
crates, haystacks and many more!

– Easy create endless levels in just minutes with drag-and-drop ready to
use prefabs and with over 300+ beautiful sprites to use for your game.

– Advanced functional and simple one touch mobile controls. (Works for all android, iOS, webplayer, desktop and more)

– A completed game project with sound, music, effects, gameplay, over 11
scenes, menu, full animations, over 300+ sprites to use, 6+ different
balls you can use and many customizations and more.

– Amazing and beautiful full ready to publish game mode where you have
to shoot the balls and try to hit the cans, all with heavy

– Customizable ball’s drag distance, trials, hit sounds and much more.

– Over 300+ beautiful sprites to use in your game including 45+ prefabs such balls, elements, enemies, backgrounds and more!

– Fully scripted win game feature that display the win game screen when
you complete a level along with the score that you got and buttons
(home, exit and continue)

– 11 different levels example scenes included.

– Score system where it calculates how many score you collected and
displays a score you got and also displays the score at the end of each
scene. (both when you win and lose the game)

– Easy to customize menu and restart GUI buttons which go back to the menu screen and restarts the scene.

– Fully ready to use complete game with menu, game over screen, win game screen, score system and more!

– Customizational enemies so when you touch with them and the ball will be destroyed making the game more challenging.

– Over 15+ music, sound effects and audios to use in your game.

– Fully function beautiful main camera fade-out feature to start your game.

– Fully beautiful and ready to use menu which can be customized very easily.

– Customizable on screen GUI buttons.

– Fully function smooth game over and game win feature with screen GUI which displays score at the end.

– Customizable sounds such as win game sound, ball hit can sound, can
drop onto ground sound and more along with other customization.

– and many more!


  • Unity 5


  • Download package.
  • Create a new empty project.
  • Import the package into Unity 5.