Funny Kids Computer – Android Source Code


Funny Kids Computer Games is adorable learn and play Funny computer teaches children names and recognition of various objects.Funny Kids Computer is an educational Preschool Activity game with multiple types of entertaining games that helps Kids to learn.

Children Kids Computer amusements gives part of learning with no pressure, voice bolster for influencing your children to hear the right pronunciation.Activity run from fundamentals like in sequential order getting the hang of, composing words, spelling missing last mentioned, words adapting, genuine false.

Children Kids Computer is an instructive amusement with numerous sorts of engaging recreations and learning focus that encourages youngsters to learn.

Learning need not bore. Breathtaking fun exhibits the exquisite children PC amusement that will make your child’s learning sessions brimming with fun and fervor. This diversion is intended for pre-schoolers matured 3 to 8 years.

This diversion is intended to show English as a remote dialect. It utilizes indian voices and tongue to communicate in English. The relative moderate sounds make it simple for kids to take in their letters, numbers and words. Upgrades perception, perusing and numerical abilities.

This astonishing amusement is preset with numerous smaller than usual diversions that will support your children appreciation, perusing, and numerical aptitudes, and also make their recess instructive and fun.

Games Listed as under:

-Animal & Kids : Kids Computer teaches to identify animals and their kids.
-Animal & Food : Play and learn to identify animals and its food.
-Animal & House : Find animal house from given options.
-Animal & Shadow : Find correct shadow for animals.
-Who Give Us : Choose correct thing from given option that animal gives us.
-Match Shape : Match correct shapes.
-Pair : Find Correct Pair Of Animals.
-Body Parts : Learn human bodyparts.


– Free game for any 2-3 years old kids
– Learning with hilarious sound.
– 8 Engaging games
– Computer like real toy
– Hint is given to help in learning
– Colorful pictures and funny sounds make your baby smile for a long time!