By Your Side – Buildbox Template


In By your side, you need protect the bunny in the hot-air balloon from being harmed, travel with her to the sky, go through the beautiful aurora, the shooting star is the witness your love for her……

[By your side Features]
– Free to play
– Mesmerizing physics
– Tons of distinctive scenes and experience
– 9 different featured characters
– Force escape style game
– You’ll surely love this background music and single loop it

How to play By your side?
Playing By your side is easy and simple. Touch anywhere on the screen and drag to move your ball with a ring. Knock obstacles out of the way of your balloon to avoid being destroyed!


  • Universal Project, Optimized for All devices.
  • Made with Buildbox 2.3.8
  • Heyzap integrated (Can be changed to other ad network)
  • Endless Mode
  • – 9 different featured characters
    – 50+ different scenes
  • All artwork(PNG.) 
  • All sound files.
  • Xcode 8+ Compatible. 
  • Ready to publish


  • For Android – You will need Android Studio or Eclipse.
  • For iOS – You will need macOS with Xcode 8+
  • It will be good to have a Buildbox software (2.3.8)