Child psychology – iOS App Template


«Child psychology» – is a full iOS app about children psychology. 

It includes three main categories: theory, there is a lot of useful information for parents, teachers and everyone, who works with children; video, there are lectures about children psychology and development; quiz, there users can check their knowledge (it includes three different categories). 

The application was ready to sale on App Store and already has a full re-skin. 

The application contains AdMob interstitial and AdMob banner to show ADS, and also remove ADS in-app purchase.


  • AdMob banner to show ADS 
  • AdMob interstitial to show ADS 
  • In-app purchase 
  • Professional design 
  • Video content 
  • Sharing functionality
  • 3 different quiz categories 
  • Ready for sale 
  • Full iOS application 
  • Simple menu navigation


Xcode, iPhone, Macbook


Download ‘the main file and documentation’ folder and follow the instructions there.