Team Workplan Performance Appraisal CRM


Dive into the details by adding comments, attachments, due dates, and more directly to Team CRM. Collaborate on projects, Workplan, Tasks from beginning to end.

Team ensures that all scares resources of money, human resource and time a clearly managed in one single solution.

Main Features Include;  Paypal Subscription, Multi languages,  Work Plan management, Work Plant asks management,  Performance appraisal, Key performance indicators, Key result areas, User roles, Menu Navigation  management, Multi theme,  System tickets management, Reports management,  User account, Self appraisal, Email integration and more …..


Main Features Include;

·      Paypal Subscription

·      Multi languages

·      Work Plan management

·      Work Plant asks management

·      Performance appraisal

·      Key performance indicators

·      Key result areas

·      User roles

·      Menu Navigation  management

·      Multi theme

·      System tickets management

·      Reports management

·      User account

·      Self appraisal

·      Email integration


php 7.1 +, codeigniter knowledge 


Included inside documentation