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Product NameInflate Balloon – iOS Source Code
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Product CategoryCasual
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That is a challenging game where you have inflate and avoid burst of ballon to get through levels of game.
App has been made more smoother and has been updated for Apple latest technology.
This is the game where you can enjoy by challenging yourself in every level to inflate the 
balloon to the given percentage number or Protect the balloon against the obstacles.
So Keep your Balloons from Popping! In order to win and go to next level challenge and enjoying….

You will inflate the balloon to the given percentage number sat running your two finger on the device screen when the balloon percentage number match to the given number then leave the screen at that matched point in order to win other wise balloon will burst if you increase balloon percentage number than given percentage number and so you will be failed.
All level of this game has been locked except Level 1. When user win Level 1 the Level 2 will be unlock in same way when user win Level 2 then Level 3 will be unlock and so on.

This game is up to date  with swift 5 (SpriteKit). 

very easy to reskin

iPhone support iPad as well.


  •  Made for iPhone support iPad as well.
  •  Great visual and sound affect.
  • Upto 12 level tested on almost every platform of iPhone(iPhone 4, 5, 6(+),7(+),8(+) X, xmax)etc and iPad devices.
  • Support latest iOS 13 as well.
  • Full game Template.
  • Sound on/Off Option
  • Compatible with Swift 5.
  • Easy to Re Skin.
  • Admob banner ad.
  • Admob interstitial ad.
  • Re-skin services available from the animation/design team who built the app!
  • Support.
  • Localisation languages English, French, Hindi, Japanese, Simplified Chinese


  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. (can be updated easily if one want.)
  • Xcode 11 or later. 
  • SpriteKit.


Revenue Opportunities

  • AdMob ( Banner + interstitial )

When you purchase you will get:

  • Xcode complete Project
  • Game Assets  
  • Documentation

How to Re-skin:

-In the Documentation you can search detail information on how to re-skin this project.
-You can change resources all of game , it’s easy.  You just need to change Asset folder, bulb , bird folder in settings file, all details you can find in Documentation.
-Also you will be able to setup Ad-Mob in just a minute by inserting your ads IDs and nothing else!
-Project have good documentation and you can contact us for solve your problem

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