Ninja Adventure Jump Unity Source Code


Super Ninja Adventure Time For Jump is very easy control with one touch, you can change the direction of Super Ninja. 
Super Ninja need find the way to go to the door and collect all the Shuriken to finish each level.
Super Ninja Adventure Time For Jump is fantastic Ninja Games, play this NINJA GAMES to get fun!
Your task in this game is to control Ninja, avoid traps, collect the Shuriken.
You must finish your adventure and never give up when you lose all your lives.

Try to finish each level fastest and share the result for your friend and family. 
Let go with Super Ninja Go Go!
Now this time for adventure with our SUPER NINJA
Ninja Adventure Jump using Unity 2017.3
Demo APK:
Game Document:


– Admob integrated. Easy to reskin.

– Cute and beautiful graphics


  • Unity 2018 or above.


  • Reskin
  • Upload to your store
  • Monetize