Extreme Car Unblock – Complete Unity Project

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Product NameExtreme Car Unblock – Complete Unity Project
Product Price $199
Product Market codester.com
Product CategoryPuzzle
Product Tags game, UnityGame


One of the most successful genre in the app stores , Unblock Me games generated tens of millions downloads worldwide, some becoming editor’s choice. This game would be a great addition to your portfolio

Unblock is a great puzzle game to improve your thinking and train your brain.

You have to unblock the red block and get it out of the board by sliding the blocks that are in the way. Less moves you consume , more stars awarded.

There are many levels to play organized in packages with different difficulties. Whether a beginner or already an expert , our hint option can guide you to solve each level.

Android : https://play.google.com/store/…
iOS : https://itunes.apple.com/us/ap…

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1 IAP Remove ads
2 Rate System
3 Custom more game with firebase
4 Leaderboard
5 Invite user to play by email and sms
6 World 4 select
7 Each pack have 60 levels
8 Custom own interstitial ads (firebase)
9 Adob banner (enable /disable from firebase)
10 Admob interstitial (update counter display from firebase)
11 Unityads (update counter display from firebase)
12 Online push noftification (firebase cloud messaging)
13 Local notification
14 Clean code
15 Easy to reskin
16 Ready to release to store
17 Complete safe upload
18 Unity Analytic
19 Firebase analytic
20 Custom analytic for each button and level
21 Multi platform support
22 Prefab evolution
23 Cryptography for PlayerPrefs integrated
24 This is a completed game designer, sound, effects, game-play, full resource, full animation
25 100% customizable very easily
26 Undo system


Unity 5.5.0 Up


Follow document inside project file

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