Services Reminder PHP Script


Visiti Demo Here And enter with the following data:

username: admin

password: admin

See Documentarion Here

With this script you can organize your domain  and hosting services, save important information and most importantly: It alerts you when one of these is at risk of expiring so you can renew it on time.

Its configuration is simple, and will not take more than 5 minutes in it.

It notifies the email that you select in your administration panel what services are about to expire.

configuring a Cron Job from your hosting panel (where you install it) you can choose how often it will do it. (recommended daily at a specific time) It is also recommended to use a mail account that is reviewed periodically



  • Home
    • Set your name.
    • Set up your email (Where you will be notified about your services at risk)
    • Set up a username to log in to the system.
    • Set your time zone. Useful for cron

  • Change Password
    • Change your password to login in the system


  • hostings
    • Create / edit / delete your Hosting services                   
    • List the hostings you have created.                    
    • All information contained by service is displayed

  • Domains
    • Create / edit / delete your registered domains                    
    • List the domains you’ve created.
    • All information contained by service is displayed

  • Other features
    • Send emails from the platform. Useful to contact the companies of your services            
    • System logging and logging                 
    • Filter your services with the search engine.                    
    • Timezone                    
    • Cron Job to run daily                    
    • Remember your password if you forgot it                    
    • Password encrypted for more security                    
    • Handling sessions with Cookies.                    
    • MVC software architecture whit Codeigniter Framework                 
    • Confirm delete


  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • Mysql
  • Cron Jobs
  • Server


See Documentarion Here