User Management System – Laravel


User Management System is a role-based system created in Laravel and AdminLte. Application also saves the last login date of each user. Application shows proper status and error handling. Application also logs every model operation in the database.

If the user does not have certain permissions, they will be shown an error page.

Product Demo


  • Role-Based User Management
  • Create roles based on permissions
  • assign roles to users
  • Log every model event
  • Save Last Login Date
  • Proper Error Handling
  • Laravel RouteNotFoundException Handling
  • Shows Proper Error Messages
  • Mobile Friendly Interface
  • Login
  • Register
  • AdminLte Theme Included


  • Laravel 5.5.*
  • Php 7.1.*


  • To Start, run this command from Laravel Project Directory
    • php artisan migrate –seed