Calmee – Relaxation iOS Application


Can’t sleep at night? Calmee: relaxation is designed to be the most efficient sleep and relax help app to make you fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed. 

Relax, take a deep breath and join us on a restful journey to sleep!

Calmee: relaxation brings great collection of high quality sounds that can be mixed into the perfect relaxing ambiences. 

You can choose from different types:

  • Morning at sea
  • Evening in the forest
  • Swallows over the river
  • Eternal thunderstorm
  • The sounds of rain at night
  • Night park in the city
  • Cicadas
  • Night fire

Also, you can mix all of the sounds on your choice to create the perfect way of your relaxation. Save your favourite sound mixes so they are always by hand with you!



  • Google AdMob interstitial and banner
  • In-App purchase to remove ads
  • Fully step by step illustrated documentation 
  • 100% Ready to publish on AppStore
  • Easy to re-skin and set-up the project
  • Beautiful and professional looking design
  • High Quality image assets
  • Pre-installed audio 
  • System notifications
  • Google Firebase application analytics 
  • iOS 13 and iPad support
  • Record your own audio sets via audio and screen recorder
  • List of cool resources to use
  • Royalty free music and audio
  • Super lightweight application 
  • Online audio files storage (just copy the link with the audio and place it in the config file)


  • MacOS
  • iOS Device or Simulator
  • Latest Xcode with Swift



  • Change the Bundle Identifier and Team Section
  • !!! IMPORTANT !!! Re-skin the app before the AppStore submission 
  • Carefully read documentation 
  • You are ready to go:)