BAR Code Scanner – iOS Source Code


BAR Code Scanner App is a simple and convenient tool that help you create and Scan QR Code and BAR Code image displayed And Save on the screen.

BAR Code Scanner App like Text, URL, Email, Phone type Support.

Use Code Scanner and Generator App and save the Image and name And to share code with anyone later.


  •   Generate  BAR Code and QR Code
  •   Scan BAR Code and QR Code
  •   Multiple File Sharing Options via Email , Air Drop or Social Media
  •   Easy to use
  •   High resolution image 
  •   Fast generating Text, Email, Phone and URL to QR Code And Barcode  
  •   Save And Share Barcode and QR code
  •   Scan history 

Supported scan

  1. – contact Data (VCard, MeCard) 
  2. – telephone call number 
  3. – URL (site connect) 
  4. – email


1. You Must Need knowledge (swift 4 or objective-c)

2. In order to modify the app you need to have knowledge in mobile technologies such as Xcode.

3. You also need to be able to install Xcode and its dependencies on your machine. We recommend you to use the Xcode official installation guide 

3. You must have minimum Xcode Version 10.2.1

4. As I given in above features you get in source code. if you want add more features than it’s chargeable.

5. You must have knowledge of app store guidelines for upload an app.