Global News And Live – Android Source Code


Global News and Live TV is an application that help users to watch live TV channels as well as this application contains all news update from all continents on the planet. User can also save contents to read offline without internet on their mobile devices. its an Attractive application has a fantastic user friendly interface.


  • Live TV
  • Global news Update (automated)
  • Material Design
  • In-app Purchase
  • Admob Integrated
  • supports in-app purchase
  • Users can read any source within the app
  • watch Live news from any source within the app
  • Can save to read offline
  • Android 8 support


  • Latest Andriod studio
  • Admob account
  • Google play developer account for publishing app


  • Import to Android studio
  • Change the app name in strings.xml file to your desired
  • insert your admob banner or Interstitial details in strings.xml file
  • Add your in-app purchase details (documented already)
  • Change your design in colors.xml file
  • Change the package name (documented already)
  • Publish on Playstore