Asp.Net Social Sharing Web Application Source Code


This application is a base solution for your next web application . Social Sharing Web Application   is a web based application which was developed with Asp.Net MVC and C# language. Easy-to-use web pages were developed.


  • Photos – Add your item’s images and share with others
  • Profile – Create your profile and add details about you.
  • Friends – Create your social network and follow others
  • Categories – Easily browse your and your friends sharings. And you can categorise your sharings easily.
  • Follow – You can follow other users and their sharings
  • Shopping Items – If you want to share an shopping item with link you can do this easily.


  • Asp.Net  MVC Framework
  • Visual Studio 2013 +
  • Sql Server 2012 +
  • C# , Sql , Html , Javascript , Jquery  , Css Knowledge


  • Install Visual Studio
  • Install MSSql-Server
  • Create an Ms Sql Server Database (You can give any db name)
  • Run “GunlukScriptsAndDatas.sql “ to create database objects and data on Ms Sql Server
  • Change Web.config with your database infos such as dbname , username , password .. etc.
  • Set mail settings for sent mail on web.config.
  • Open the ‘Gunluk.sln’ with Visual Studio