DiscussOver – Debate Platform Script



DiscussOver is Debating Platform for creating debate topics and get answers from users, what they are thinking about a particular topic, who is agree with this topic and who is disagree with topic.  

Demo in Google Search Engine



For Users
  • One Click Signup/Login
  • SEO Friendly and Beautiful Profile Interface
  • Create/Delete Unlimited Topic
  • One Click Share Topic
  • Topic Search Page
  • SEO Friendly Page
  • SEO Friendly Review Star
  • Blue Badge Request
  • Profile Photo Change
  • Update Bio, Social Links, Website
  • Users can Rate Topic with Stars
  • Debate as Comments In Tab Agree/Disagree
  • Like/Dislike Comments on Topics
  • Show Blue Badge (Verified Account)
  • Unlock Hidden Feature (Verified Account)
  • Pin Topic To Profile (Verified Account)
  • Show Social Links in Profile Interface (Verified Account)
  • and more….
For Admin
  • Manage Total Users
  • Manage Total Topics
  • Delete Topics
  • Block/Unblock Users
  • Check Verification Form
  • One Click Approve/Disapprove Badge Request
  • Manage All Categories
  • One Click Create New Category
  • Add Custom Code to Header
  • Change Admin Panel Password
  • Change Favicon
  • and more….


  • PHP 5.X
  • PHP 7.X
  • MYSQL 5.X
  • MYSQL 7.X


Login URL: http://discussover.ueuo.com/admin/
Admin UsernameAdmin Password

Logs Changes:

 8 September 2018 ----------------------------------- Other Bug fixed. SEO URL Changed from topic/ to question/ Category URL Changed To Topic/