KoWP – Manage Multiple WordPress Sites


By collecting your wordpress sites on a single screen, you can alleviate your workload. You’ll get the opportunity to work more regularly by keeping notes on your sites.

  • Adding unlimited wordpress sites
  • Quick sync
  • One-click access to wp-admin
  • Content statistics
  • Each site-specific note section
  • Webmaster section
  • Category section

KoWP works with php infrastructure. It is not a WordPress plugin.


  • In 2 steps you can quickly connect your wordpress site to the system.
  • You can add unlimited wordpress sites.
  • By categorizing your sites, you can make access easier.
  • By synchronizing your site in 20 seconds, you can keep it up to date.
  • You can synchronize site screenshots, site information, site statistics, and many other features.
  • You can view your site statistics and content statistics.
  • You can make your work easier by creating special notes for your sites.
  • You can provide one-click wp-admin input and speed up input and output between your sites.
  • You can quickly translate to any language with XML integration.


  1. PHP 5.6 or higher
  2. MySql 5.xx
  3. pdo_mysql extension
  4. curl extension
  5. json extension
  6. xml extension
  7. Apache web server with mod_rewrite module enabled or Nginx web serve


  • Upload Files to Ftp
  • Complete your installation steps by entering your site