HTML5 Video Player with Playlist


HTML5 Video Player with playlist is awesome if you want
to showcase your own movie gallery creations. The video player works on
all modern browsers, it’s based on jQuery JavaScript Library and
supports fullscreen in Window Mode ( it includes support for H.264
encoded videos ).


  • Two playlists modes: vertical & horizontal
  • Dynamic FullScreen mode / fully responsive layout
  • Easy customization via HTML / CSS files
  • Playlist format HTML, XML or video Folder
  • Supports mp4, ogv files
  • Set title and description for the video
  • Set sound control
  • Set Autoplay true/false
  • Set auto advance to next video
  • Set preview image for the video
  • Flash fallback for older browsers
  • Repeat video, Play/Pause, Info buttons
  • Demo examples included for easy setup
  • Available HELP file


HTML5, Jquery


  • Included inside the download package