Quizz App JavaScript


                                           Quizz App JavaScript Description

I don’t think there’s much need to write about this application. This is quiz like any other where when you go into index.html it has a start with some description that you put and you have a button called “Start quiz”. Clicking on that button takes you to the questions you are answering and finally when you answer the last question takes you to a page where it says how many questions you have answered correctly. Of course, you also have a spreadsheet listing all the questions, user answers, and what are correct answers.


                                           Quizz App JavaScript Features

  • Responsive design.
  • Cool Animations.
  • Recording answers.
  • Table with all questions, user responses, and correct answers.
  • Score calculation.


                                           Quizz App JavaScript Requirements

  • jQuery.
  • cssanimations.min.css


                                           Quizz App JavaScript Instructions

  • Download .zip file.
  • Extract .zip file.
  • Open quiz.js with text editor.
  • On line 18. you have array with questions, in this array you can add or remove or edit questions, answers text and correct answers.
  • When you edit file, save and close.
  • Open index.html file.
  • Done.