Meme Creator – Javascript Web Application


Meme Creator is a javascript web application that generates memes that are shared on social media and used for digital marketing


  • Fully Responsive
  • Secure File Upload
  • mobile supported
  • no database required
  • Easy to setup
  • W3C validated HTML and CSS code
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Free Updates


  • Web browser
  • optional web server


  • Extract the zipped file to your desktop.
  • Open the extracted folder and move the “memecreator” folder to your web server.
  • Make sure the server is running
  • Access the application from your web browser such as google chrome using your server domain.
  • You can also check in the documentation folder for more guidance


  • Extract the zipped file to your desktop.
  • open the extracted folder, go into the “memecreator” folder and open the index.html file in your web browser