Login And Register Node.JS Script


Best login/registration nodejs script ready for use.

If you want to start to develop a website for your client and need an easy start, you can buy our script and get the full source and have the best start with your project.


User side features:

  • User login page
  • User registration page
  • User forgets password option
  • User dashboard
  • User edit profile option
  • User auto recognized country and IP location on registration
  • user upload image to the profile

Admin side features:

  • Administrator login page
  • Administrator Dashboard
  • Statistics on the dashboard for the number of users.
  • live map that shows users locations.
  • live alert that alert when a new user register.
  • live alert when new user login.
  • log of a new user that register
  • log of a user that login
  • Edit admin profile
  • Edit user profile
  • Lock user option
  • SMTP engine for sending mails
  • Server mails edit option for sending mails
  • Edit site setting
  • Mail Template management
  • Smart registration page: identify user location
  • Smart registration page: identify user eligible mobile phone


Ubuntu server with the following configuration. 1 GB Ram. 500 GB HDD.Support NodejsSupport MongoDB


1. How To install Node JS?
You can install node JS using the following link:
2. How to install MongoDB on Server?
You can install MongoDB using the following link: