HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist


HTML5 Audio Player ( mp3, ogg, acc, wav etc ) with
playlist is great for those who want to add interactivity to their
website. The music player comes in three variations for you to choose
from so it can fit perfectly in your site.


  • Unlimited song playlist with scroll
  • Playlist format Html, Xml, Database Sql
  • Create playlist from folders option
  • Choose to autoplay music###li/li###
  • Easy customization via HTML / CSS files
  • Supports multiple instances into a page
  • Previous/Next, Play/Pause, Stop buttons
  • Supports Shuffle / Repeat modes
  • Supports Soundcloud and podcast
  • Shoutcast servers with mp3 streaming support
  • External text / image  Urls support
  • Available HELP file


Html5, jQuery


Included in the download package