AWS Cognito Authorization For Websites


AWS Cognito is a managed Identify service. It is a great option to add user signup and login to your website, especially if you are hosting other resources on AWS and need to authenticate users before providing access to resources such as API’s or objects in S3.

This package will save you hours of work sifting through confusing documentation, examples that don’t provide a complete solution and searching for answers on Stack Overflow.


This package includes the following features.

  • A serverless.yml file to help you deploy an AWS Cognito Userpool using the serverless framework.
  • Support for the following workflows
    • User registration
    • Email verification
    • User login
    • Reset forgotten password
  • Bootstrap modals for the above workflows.
  • Sample website to show you how everything fits together. 
  • Email support.


  • jQuery 3.4.1
  • Bootstrap 4.3.1
  • Serverless framework (optional)


Read the README.html file included.