Crash BTC Game NodeJS


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 Update: Tip Features / Users can send bits to each other.   

This is the original Crash btc game script.
This game is one of the most popular online games that due to its very limited script, only a very small number of sites use it.

This script is making with node js and also uses web socket. 
This script have user sign-in system, user bet statistics, and money withdrawls management.including live user chat. It is very easy to install.

First you need to make sure you have installed lastest nodejs on your server and also set up a mysql database.
Auto withdrawls bitcoin for users, unique wallet address for each users deposit now is included to script.
You can check full user transction history.
You can edit style like bustabit site or, it’s easy to customize style.
Also, in the updates, we will add more styles.

What is number Algorithm ?
here is function:

 function crashPointFromHash(seed){     const nBits = 52 // number of most significant bits to use      // 1. HMAC_SHA256(key=salt, message=seed)     const hmac = crypto.createHmac("sha256", key)     hmac.update(seed)     seed = hmac.digest("hex")      // 2. r = 52 most significant bits     seed = seed.slice(0, nBits/4)     const r = parseInt(seed, 16)      // 3. X = r / 2^52     let X = r / Math.pow(2, nBits) // uniformly distributed in [0; 1)      // 4. X = 99 / (1-X)     X = 99 / (1 - X)      // 5. return max(trunc(X), 100)     const result = Math.floor(X)      return Math.max(1, result / 100) }       

How can verify games hash ?
Here is a tool to verfy game result from hash:

Undoubtedly, This script is good enough to make your rich !
If you are familiar with this game, you will understand !

Making this proprietary script is several times more than the cost of this product ! 

But now, you can easily buy and use this product from the Codester market.

And you should know, i will suspend this item after a few sales. we maked this script over 15 months.

Well, now let’s check already desgins:


New Desgin Released:
New Desgin Released:
New Desgin Released:

New Theme Release on January 20:

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  • User Authentication
  • Perfect Game Security
  • Auto Withdrawls system
  • Deposit (+ unique wallet for each user)
  • Users Tip (send users bits to each other)
  • eChart User Stats
  • Live User Chat
  • Transaction History
  • Game Hash History
  • Very simple and light admin
  • Standard Game Rules (eg the coefficients of the numbers)
  • Easy modfication Server Side Scripts
  • Easy Install ( + we have free install offer fo you )
  • Bootstrap & jQuery & Optimized WebSocket
  • Full Event log in console (for developers)
  • RTL Support + RTL Fonts
  • Free Support 24


OS: Linux or Windows (+SSH Access or terminal in windows)

Node: v10x

NPM: v6x

MySQL: v5x


Step1: Extract Archive file located in Script folder to your server.
Step2: Create mySQL Database and Database User, then import db.sql located on Database folder.
Step2: Open “config.js” located in the script root and insert database details and check other codes. Also, for edit languages, open “language” folder and make edit on the load.js file.
Step3: Open Your SSH ( or cmd in windows ).
Step4: navigate to your script root path with the cd/ command.
Step5: type: npm start or type node server.js

Step6: now in the browser, type: IP:PORT, eg: localhost:3000

Step5: System is ready, you able to use now.

Default admin details is:
Username: admin
Password: 123456
Please Change This Details after login to the site.